Lent & Easter 2011
























Lent & Easter 2011    

Each Sunday of Lent represents a day of the Holy Week: the first Sunday of Lent represents Palm Sunday.

1st_Sunday_of_Lent.RS.gif (394943 bytes)    1st Sunday of Lent (Sunday) Mark 11:1-11

Meeting Jesus again on Palm Sunday

2nd_Sunday_of_Lent.RS.jpg (557836 bytes)    2nd Sunday of Lent (Monday) Mark 11:12-19

Cursing fig tree and cleansing temple  

3rd_Susnday_of_Lent.RS.jpg (556044 bytes)    3rd Sunday of Lent (Tuesday) Mark 12:1-12, 28-34

Parable of the greedy tenant farmers and the love commandment     

4th_Sunday_of_Lent.RS.jpg (559707 bytes)    4th Sunday of Lent (Wednesday) Mark 14:3-9; 1-2, 10-11

Anointing at Bethany    

5th_Sunday_of_Lent.RS.jpg (559707 bytes)    5th Sunday of Lent (Thursday) Mark 3:19b-27

The Lord's Supper      


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