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Progressive displays are usually developed from a theme or concept and will change from week to week or over a period of time. Different elements may be added or changed each week while keeping the basic foundation the same. 

Easter 2009 Paradise

The theme for the 2009 Lent and Easter display  was inspired from the mosaic tile display at St. Vitale, Ravenna, Italy. The mosaic features Christ setting on a large blue orb where he presides over creation. Four rivers flow from a meadow under the orb, flowing down the cliffs to paradise. At the base of the cliffs are rich green meadows, dotted with with lilies and red carnations.

This interpretative, progressive display changed each Sunday of Lent revealing paradise in its fully glory on Easter morning. The central feature is the orb on which Christ sets represented by the cross above it. The four tall vases symbolize the rivers flowing to paradise with its rich abundance of fruit. The bird nest, eggs and feathers bring to mind the image of birds in the meadows. The profusion of flowers and vines completes the opulence and splendor of the paradise theme.

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