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Symbolic design refers to an arrangement which consists of elements representing something else. For example a dove may be a symbol of peace; grapes and wheat or bread may represent Holly Communion or Eucharist. The color or numbers of an element may also become part of the symbolic interpretation. Three white flowers may represent the Trinity and the proximity or relationship of one material to another must also be considered. Symbolic arrangements may be designed with a general or specific theme.

All_things_are_possible_web.jpg (405439 bytes)   All Things Are Possible

This design was created for the "Celebration of The Arts" for the Washington Association, Vermont Conference, United Church of Christ program. It was balanced on the point of the iron base while spinning on a turntable.

Communion_web.gif (394463 bytes)   Communion - Giving and Receiving

This design was created for a communion service. The top portion of the display represents "Receiving" as you look at your hands with palms facing you. "Giving" is represented by the bottom portion of the display as you lower your hands with palms up in a giving motion.

Symbolic Easter Agmt 1.jpg (95864 bytes)    Easter Arrangement

12 Calla lilies – 12 Disciples, Red Amaryllis with 3 blooms – Trinity and the blood that was shed, Wheat and grapes – Eucharist, Vase filled with water – Changing of water into wine at the wedding feast, Basket with bread and fish – Feeding of the multitude, Stone – The stone rolled from the tomb, Fish net – The calling to become fishers of men, Votive candle – Christ as light of the world, Small flowers at the base – The multitudes that followed Jesus and Bible at the base – The word of God is the foundation of the world.

Ecclesiastical Arrangement.1.jpg (169157 bytes)   Ecclesiastical Council Arrangement

Statement of Faith

This arrangement is a visual representation of my statement of faith. Some of the elements have two different symbolic meanings. One represents my journey in life and the other my spiritual walk in Christ. Both are entwined and cannot be separated.  

The ceramic base represents the foundation of my faith in the church from which my journey flows. On life’s journey we face many obstacles and trials as represented by the wild thorn-apple wreath but overcome by Christ’s crucifixion – the crown of thorns. The ivy is God’s never-ending love that will always be with me. The three white calla lilies are for the Trinity. The placements are very important as the tallest represents God the Father and the next just slightly lower but above the wreath represents Jesus the Son. The third and lowest, below the wreath is the Holy Spirit who lives within us. Also note the upward direction of the two calla lilies representing Jesus and the Holy Spirit as they are looking toward the God. The white lily represents Mary, Mother of Jesus. The abundance of wheat, barley, fruits and berries are for the abundant blessings that I have received. They also represent God’s promise of seedtime and harvest. The grapes and wheat remind us of the table of life, the Holy Communion. The multitude of flowers at the base represent the love and support not only of my church family, but of friends and relatives as I start on this new and uncharted journey. The one candle placed directly under the tallest calla lily or under God represents not only Christ as light of the world but my call, taking the talent and gifts given to me and sharing with others the ministry of flowers. Ned Davis AIFD, CFD, CMLFD

Commissioning Arrangement.1.jpg (173966 bytes)    Commissioning Arrangement

This thank you arrangement was placed on the table during my commissioning service. It was to thank all who have supported me during my life as I worked on the Ministry of Flowers.

The large ceramic dish represents the foundation of the church in my life. The three white calla lilies are the Trinity. The loving memories of my parents are represented with foliage for my father and the violet for my mother who always encouraged and supported me in all that I did. The abundance of flowers at the base represents my friends, relatives and those in the floral industry in the United States, Canada, England and Australia who encouraged and supported me over the years as I developed my floral design skills. One of the tall candles represents my former retired pastor the Reverend Paul Willard who gave me the freedom to be creative when designing church flowers. The large pillar candle represents my three-year biblical studies class at the Vermont Academy of Spiritual Training, my classmates and instructors. The last tall candle represents my current pastor, the Reverend Peter Plagge. Peter has helped me develop and understand my Spiritual walk on this new journey. Too all I give thanks. Ned L. Davis AIFD, CFD, CMLFD









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