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Floral Design School. The Vermont Academy of Floral Design is Vermont's only professional floral design school specializing in the art of natural floral design. The true art of floral design is not determined by how much or what kind of materials used, but rather by the uniqueness, creativity and sensitivity with which they are combined.

Certificate programs at our floral design school include lectures, demonstrations and hands-on training in the floral design studio. Many of the classes are limited in number so to keep a high teacher to student ratio. Each floral design-training program at our floral school, from basic to advance will include the latest techniques and concepts as they develop in the industry.

Francis Bacon once said, "Nature is commanded by obeying her." Because designing is very complex a designer must first understand the elements and principles of floral design. Then by combining basic concepts and natural techniques, students will develop their own natural styles of floral design.

Since life styles are ever changing, we must be sensitive to changes in the art of fresh flower arranging. Students are instructed in basic concepts but are challenged to move beyond and create arrangements that complement their customer's life styles.

The Vermont Academy is noted for its use of foliage in floral designs. An area that is sometimes over looked. When properly used foliage arrangements make a stunning statement by themselves. With an understanding of different plant materials natural growth habits, students then continue the natural floral design process when adding flowers. Students do not copy each arrangement as demonstrated for them, but choose from the plant materials provided and create floral designs within the guide lines of that design style. This way each student learns how to choose materials that will best complement their floral design. Because the study of nature is so important in this field, the Vermont Academy has developed cutting gardens with over three hundred varieties of plant materials. During the summer plant materials are cut from the garden giving students a wide variety of materials to work with.

Floral art is an ever changing design field. Even within traditional floral design we are learning different way of using basic plant materials that add an unique interest in our floral design styles. From the basic look one can move to another level of design where the emphasis may be more modern in style. These styles focus on form and lines within the composition usually designed for contemporary homes or a professional office space. The floral design then becomes more of a living sculpture within the space. This style of designing can also be used for party and weddings. On the extreme edge of design will be experimental designing where the designer may create a new design style or concept. This style of designing pushed the designer to draw on the world around them. They may look at other forms of art, architecture and nature for their inspirations. Then with their understanding of the elements and principles of floral design, mechanics and by combining previous experiences they go about creating new ideas. The design concept or techniques may then become a standard used within the floral industry. A floral designer may travel to whatever heights they desire,  their only limitation is their imagination. 

The goal of the Vermont Academy is to promotes integrity and professionalism and for students to feel that they have not been taught a skill but rather that they have learned a profession. 

Floral Design School

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